• School opens at 9: 30 am and students should  enter into the school before 9:55 am.
  • Expensive goods like watch and jewels are not allowed at the school. In case of loss of such things school will not be responsible.
  • Nursery  students have to take Tiffin from school compulsorily . Regarding other students , they can either take tiffin from school or bring  their Tiffin themselves. No students are allowed to bring junk foods such as Noddles , Kurkure , Chewing Gum , Sweets etc . No students is permitted to go out for Tiffin.
  • Parents should pay the monthly fee by 1oth of each month. Failure to follow this rule will be penalized Nrs 25 for the First month and Nrs 50 for second month. Those who do not pay the dues for regular 3 month should re-admit.


1. Uniform

The following uniform is prescribed for the students

S.N      Boys  Girls
1. White shirt and Blue pant   White shirt and blue frock.
2. Black shoes and white shocks  Black shoes and white shocks & Red ribbon
3. Blue sweater in V shape (Winter Season)  Blue sweater V shape (Winter Season)

* Belt and tie are available at  School.


2.         Sport uniform: is available from the school.

3.         Admission: School runs Montessori facility for the children above 2 and half years from Mangsir of each year. For other classes admission opens in Chaitra for the vacant seats. Students should appear in entrance exam for the admission in other classes. No admission is taken in class 10.