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1.         Morning Assembly : Our school opens everyday with the bell at 9:55 am. Students assemble on the ground being monitored by different house-captains. In addition to physical training, they perform different activities such as assembly quiz, eloquence, acting, news reading and so on.

2.         School captains and class wise captain / vice-captain: The students from class two and above are divided into four houses with captains and vice captains. They also choose school captain and vice- captain. They help to maintain school discipline and run school activities.

3.         Wall magazine: Collecting the news of school activities and important events of public events, students publish a wall magazine every week. They also publish their creative articles in the magazine.

4.         Picnic and Excursion Tour: Considering students’ interest, they are taken to picnic each year. They also are taken to excursion tour so that they gain more knowledge with direct observation.

5.         Examination: Students knowledge is evaluated through monthly exams and four terminal examinations in an academic year. Their Mark-sheets are sent to their parents with result out.

6.         Students- Teacher Program: To make the students confident in presentation and encourage them for works , schools provides class 10 students the platform to teach the students once or twice in a year.

7.         Meeting:

A)        There is a regular staff-meeting on the last Friday of each month. All the classes after Tiffin are stopped on this day.

B)        Teachers-Parents meeting: In order to find out the problems of students and solve both teachers and parents meet together twice to four times a year.

8.         Other Activities: With the objective of developing skill in different fields students involve in different activities like Debate, Poetry writing, essay writing, singing, dancing, eloquence and spelling contests held on every Wednesday and Friday.