Facilities Available, Our Assets

1.         Science Lab: We have a well facilitated science lab which is sufficient for all subjects- Science, Health, Population, Environment and social studies. At least 30 students can do their activities together in the lab. It has maintained the balance between theory and practice and has encouraged students to do something new.

2.         Library: Library is the source of knowledge. PPS has established a well managed library with  more than 6000 books. The library consists of books on various subjects which are sufficient to quench the students’ quest of knowledge.

3.         Computers: The greatest achievement of modern science, computer has been a part of life. Education in the absence of computer can not  function well. Therefore, we have established a well equipped computer lab with e-mail and Internet facility. The lab consists of 21  modern computers.

4.         Sports: In addition to their studies, students need sports both for entertainment and physical fitness. PPS has a system of sports activities on every Friday and Wednesday. Students are trained by a games teacher at Pokhara stadium.

5.         Music, Art, and Dance: In order to accelerate the creativity and talent of the students, Pokhara Public School has managed some classes for Music Art and Dance. Each class gets two period of each Music, Art,Dance & Anchoring Training  in a week. Students get trained by the experts of these fields.

6.         Hostel: PPS has established a well facilitated Hostel for the needy and interested students. There are two system of hostel: Full boarders and Day boarders. The students under both system are closely observed by the teachers. Day Boarders stay at hostel from 7 am to 7 pm.

7.         Transport: In order to assist the students to come to school on time, our school has managed a sound transport system with four buses and a van which pick up the students from every corners of the city and drive them back to their home.