Drona Raj Baral (Phd.graduate)

“ Parents always want the best for their children, and that is why I was admitted to Pokhara Public School. I am extremely grateful to the commitment and dedication that the faculty and staff at Pokhara Public had for us. We were fortunate to be taught and guided by people who were passionate about teaching and genuinely cared about our success. The past was glorious, the present is and I am sure it is for the future too. My old school has been a part of my life and whatever I have achieved, it has played a vital role towards my success and career. So, If you are considering an academic program at Pokhara Public School, you are undertaking a decision that will influence your life in ways you can only begin to imagine. And for parents who are sending their sons and daughters, this might be one of the most important family decisions you’ve ever made. With quality education, dedicated and qualified teachers, best extra-curricular activities and a beautiful location, Pokhara Public School is on the way of becoming one of the top schools of the country. I am proud to be a part of it and wish all the best for it success.

Drona Raj Baral (Phd.graduate)Department of Chemistry,University of Iowa,U.S.A


Santosh      Parajuli

“ When i was asked to write a few lines about pokhara public school, i could think of a thousand things. I believe being a part of this institution is the best decision I have made so far. Teachers ever so encouraging, my friends friendly and helpful and the entire team who have dedicated their lives to give the best education to us. I will always cherishthe memories of this place and give my best regards to the faculty and the students who were, are and will be a well knitted part of this place.

Santosh      Parajuli(M.D Graduate , Bharatpur Medical College,Nepal)


Anupama Karki

“ My 12 years here was as beautiful as seven colors of rainbow. It was an amazing experience right from the start. Its all beacuse of this school for what i am today. For me school help to brush up my skills and boost my confidence.I am thankful to the school , teachers and all the staffs, who helped me in my educational journey. I am proud to be a part of PPS Best Regards, Anupama Karki .„

Anupama KarkiMBBS , 4th Year ,Manipal(SLC 8th Batch-2063)