We have passed almost 20 years means we are somehow 20 years old now. During this period we have faced many ups and downs many obstacles and opportunities. We had dream much more things during these two decades but we are able to fulfill very little, still we are not desperate. Whatever things we have gained up-to now, we have taken this as opportunity and path to reach the summit and fulfill our goals that is in the field of quality education and physical facilities. We believe in holistic development of the student. Students learn books in school, but only learning books isn’t sufficient for them. Our vision is that they are to be made ready to face the challenges in their life may be after 15 or 20 years. We are happy with the students who are the graduate of our school because they are successful in different careers. This is the fame and wealth of our school.
We always believe in practical education. Thus the varieties for learning our students involve in different fields in different activities in school. Teaching learning must be child friendly for their all around development. We always try our best for that.

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